Encouraging Authentic Conversations Among South African Women


In March 2014, Thembile Ndlovu joined Laureate’s inaugural class of Here For Good Ambassadors to the Clinton Global Initiative University, a conference of more than 1,000 young leaders committed to social progress in their countries. Ndlovu, 21 years old, is creating Authentic Chicks Talk, or ACT, a project to promote education and reduce poverty among young South African women.

She was born in Durban, South Africa, the daughter of a social worker and a teacher, and moved to Johannesburg to attend Monash South Africa. She helped lead Monash’s community engagement and social inclusion programs, particularly on literacy and youth development.

Authentic Chicks Talk will give women a platform to air their opinions on health, personal relationships and career aspirations.

In 2013, she received a scholarship from Monash University’s Seeking Justice program to study reconciliation in South Africa and Rwanda, and was a finalist for the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship, which supports emerging leaders in education and leadership. This March, she received a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from Monash. She recently began graduate studies in Monash’s honors program in international studies, with a focus on human development.

Ndlovu is in the early stages of developing ACT. The program will convene nearly 50 young women from some of South Africa’s most impoverished communities for monthly sessions at local high schools. The women will have a platform to air their opinions on health, personal relationships and career aspirations—and, ultimately, break cultural barriers. In nearly every way, Thembile Ndlovu embodies what it means to do work that will be Here For Good.