B Lab Global Partners

April 28, 2017 - 1 minute read

As a Certified B Corporation and Public Benefit Corporation, Laureate’s Here for Good mission has even more resonance than ever before. B Lab, the non-profit that administers the B Corp assessment, has established a network of partner organizations around the world to serve and support the global community of B Corps. Laureate is uniquely positioned to engage with this network as we are an organization with a truly global reach.

Partnership with other B Corps has already shown us at Laureate that there is so much to learn from each other and accomplish together. For regions and network institutions, partnership with the B Lab Global Partners group in your area is a logical next step when it comes to strengthening our commitment to the B Corp community. And for all of us, no matter where we work from as Laureate employees, knowledge and engagement with our local B Corp communities is a further way to support this movement.

B Lab Global Partners

  1. B Lab Canada
  2. Sistema B – Central and Latin America
  3. B Lab Australia and New Zealand
  4. B Lab Europe
  5. B Lab UK
  6. B Lab Portugal and Lusophone Africa


For more information about Laureate’s engagement with B Lab Global Partners, contact Todd Wegner (todd.wegner@laureate.net