Carolina Zuheill Rosales, is a family doctor by training and will receive her master’s degree in health management from the Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) in 2017. In 2011, when she was just 25, she founded GUIMEDIC, which seeks to bring high-quality medical support to those living in extreme poverty and isolation in her native Mexico. “This venture started with the simple question: Why were people living in a different way than me, with different standards of health?” Since that moment, Zuheill has been on a mission to provide access to medical care to Mexico’s most isolated populations.
The UniFG Community Clinic’s student internship program is critical to the program’s success. “It was a two-way street,” says Casa Nova. “We wanted to help the community and give our students an opportunity to apply in the clinic what they were learning in the classroom.” The clinic, she says, “was like an embryo; small things began to grow into something larger.” Since the clinic opened, more than 600 UniFG students from the fields of nursing, psychology, nutrition, and law have participated in the internship program, and some 50 Zika-impacted children and their families have benefitted from its services.

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